“You know what solar panels look like right….Well think again! The inky rectangle we are all used to is about to change.

Did you know that they can incorporate colour, curves and flowing lines?  Did you know the tech is fairly easy to work with?

Solar PV could be an art material of the future!”  Chloe Uden, Founder

our people

Chloe Uden founded Art and Energy in January 2018, and she was joined by her long-time collaborator Naomi Wright in February 2018.

Chloe set up the Art and Energy programme at Regen in 2012. This pioneered a range of creative engagement projects for the sustainable energy industry.

Naomi Wright and Chloe Uden Photo by Matt Austin

our purpose

A shift to a new energy generation is changing our environment and we are in danger of creating uninspiring clone spaces where people feel alienated.

We at Art and Energy are experts transforming the look of solar panel energy generation through art in order to:

  • Brighten up our communities
  • Celebrate our diverse cultures
  • Inspire others to consider renewable energy

our vision

Our vision is for city regions to have beautiful green technology that generates energy and also represents the unique culture of the place.

We want to see designers working with solar PV to enhance our spaces with sustainable energy installations that local people want to live with.

View of Exeter

our mission

This is a complex change and we plan to do this through:

  • Working with partners to research and understand the capabilities and aesthetic versatility of solar PV technology
  • Developing and providing learning programmes for artists and designers to help them use solar PV as an arts material
  • Piloting installations