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Art and Energy at the Smart Energy Marketplace

A huge Thank you to Regen and their current EU programme ZebCat which allowed our little start-up to have an exhibition at the prestigious Smart Energy Marketplace this June.

Our stand was wonderfully busy all day as we introduced people from the energy sector to the potential aesthetic versatility of materials they know and love as well as to a host of projects by other magnificent artists from around the world.

Attended by over 500 leading companies from across the clean energy and built environment sectors. Now in its eighth year, the event has evolved to provide a platform for industry experts to focus on the energy system as a whole, including energy efficiency, the gas network, electricity systems and disruptive new technologies such as energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure. The exhibition featured leading businesses, developers, buyers, supply chains companies, professional services and communities. The exhibition was a really vibrant place for networking and doing business and we look forward to continuing conversations with new Art and Energy friends over the coming year.