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Art and Energy CIC

2018 was transformational for our fledgling start-up.

This time last year, the whole thing was just an idea waiting to happen, and now, we’ve trialed, tweaked, tested and turned out a somewhat formed entity that we hope will do good things in these tumultuous times.

It feels great to start the 2019 with the incorporation of our not-for-profit CIC. 

All CICs have to outline their objects and so I thought we should share some of our objects here:

Art and Energy CIC aims to

  • Open doors for imagination and creativity that can help people respond to the climate emergency; be happier, healthier, and more sustainable for the future of their community and the planet.

  • Work with people to respond to the climate emergency through art and renewable energy projects

  • Develop, test and make art and renewable energy products

  • Establish solar PV Tech as an art material

  • Develop beautiful or aesthetically considered green energy infrastructure and/or culturally appropriate projects for special places

We’ve set out our stand, we’ve made promises to ourselves, to our communities and now to the establishment. So here’s hoping we can all flourish this year.