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Art and Energy in creative exchange with ESI

Over the last year, Art and Energy have collaborated with Katie Shanks at the ESI in Penryn to develop and test our solar artworks. 

We plan to celebrate our first year working with the University through an exhibition in August and September at the Creative Hub in the ESI and we look forward to developing our work further over the coming 12 months as we have been invited to join the University’s fabulous creative exchange programme.

Creative Exchange Programme

 The ESI is leading interdisciplinary research into solutions for problems of environmental change.  Research carried out in the ESI aims to enhance people’s lives by improving their relationship with the environment.  The ESI Creative Exchange programme facilitates collaboration between ESI researchers, community partners and creative practitioners who engage with issues of environment and sustainability in their work. The programme also aims to support Cornwall’s creative industries and stimulate opportunities for public engagement with ESI researchers.