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Art and Energy will participate in PitchFest at the Like Minds Ideas Festival

In January this year, Naomi and I started a conversation with Gos from the Velocities programme at Exeter City Futures about an idea we had for re-imagining solar pv as an art material for the future. What if solar panels could be a canvas for artists of the future? we wondered.

The thing is, that’s a really big idea, and Gos made a start on helping us turn that idea into a business that attempts to straddle the sustainable energy and art sectors.¬†

We’ve spend the last 9 months running workshops and holding consultations, pitching our idea in different contexts, finding delivery partners and testing the technical aspects of this challenge (which we will of course continue to do!) and we’ve learned a bit more about what the beast Art and Energy might look like, what it might do and how.

We have by no means figured it all out exactly and this is why we are grateful for all the opportunities we can find to discuss, test, learn and evolve this project.

We hope (because we dream big!) our work will change the face of green energy infrastructure in the UK and create unique and beautiful installations that we want to live with.

So, the next port of call is Pitch Fest at the IDEAS FESTIVAL at the end of this month. We look forward to welcoming questions and will keep our fingers crossed that perhaps we will find an investor who wants to partner with us to create some  eco-bling that will meet the challenge of climate change in a beautiful way.

I hope you can make it!

Tickets available here