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Art and Energy’s first public display of solar panel artworks at Mikro Fest in Exeter

Art and Energy CIC is an artist-led energy company reimagining solar panel technology as an art material for the future to open doors for imagination and a creative respond to the climate emergency.

You may think you know what a solar panel looks like; rows upon rows of inky rectangles, but these pioneering pieces illuminate the possibilities of a new cultural exchange with our energy infrastructure.

Art and Energy has been working with esteemed partners at The University of Exeter, LaserCutz in Honiton, The Fab Lab in Plymouth and The RSA in London to explore the aesthetic versatility of the solar photo voltaic technology and develop this new craftivist approach to generating green energy.

On display for the first time anywhere ever, Art and Energy are delighted to unveil these new artworks on:

  •  Saturday 16 March from 10am – 4pm
  • at the new Kaleider studios, 45 Preston Street, Exeter 
  • as part of Mikro Fest.

In January 2018, Chloe, Art and Energy’s founder presented the idea for solar panel artworks to Kaleider residents at one of Kaleider’s famous Lunchtime Talks and it was with feedback and guidance from the people in attendance that the idea took root.

It is with sincere gratitude to Exeter City Futures Velocities programme for nurturing the idea in those early days.

Kaleider has been busy renovating a really old three storey building in Exeter in order to fill it full of makers and making. In the process they’ve fallen in love with it, despite the bits that they can’t afford to renovate yet. And they want to mark the moment.

So on 15th and 16th March they’re opening the doors of their new home, Kaleider Studios, and putting on some art in the building and around the city. They’re calling it Mikro Fest.

It will be a modest celebration. There will be several artworks to experience in the city and around the building from our Residents, collaborators and SWCTN Immersion Fellows. They will release programme information and booking details for these nearer the time.