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Art Week Exeter 2018

Art Week Exeter 2018 Logo

Art and Energy are proud to be participating in Art Week Exeter this year!

Art Week Exeter is the annual city-wide art festival in Exeter, Devon. Its aim is to encourage and frame artistic activity: this involves working with artists, producers, organisations, venues and local government to produce a programme that showcases the best Exeter has to offer, alongside the work of nationally- and internationally-renowned artists.

During the week we will be collaborating with Demand Energy Equality to deliver some workshops and a talk

See below for details:

array - art exploring our energy generation

During Art Week Exeter, we’re going to be sharing what we know about the most awesome artists doing work with and about energy. AND we’ll thinking about what sort of art and energy projects could happen in Exeter.

Our energy system is the beating heart of civilization and the unseen web that binds us all together. This system is changing phenomenally fast and these changes will affect all of us; but we’re all aware that most people think energy is ultra-dull.

Artists have always played an important role in revolutions – but what are artists doing now?

In this talk, we will explore how artists are pioneering ways to help us connect better to our energy system and make a more beautiful world.

  • Hear from local creative practitioners who’ve done inspiring work
  • Find out more about projects from around the world
  • Understand some of the energy challenges we face in Exeter
  • Help us find a way towards a brighter future and
  • Have a say about the sort of art and energy projects you’d like to see in our city

Build your own solar charger- 24th May

A workshop delivered by Demand Energy Equality in association with Art and Energy

Fee: £30

Booking essential

Ever wondered just what goes on in inside a solar panel? Ready to take clean energy into your own hands? Stumped by watts, amps and volts? Fascinated by the future of power?

This full day workshop goes back to basics, ready to take you from zero to hand-made solar panel in a flash – with the future of energy explored along the way.

Walk away at the end of the day with a fully operational solar panel built from scratch – ready to charge your phone – and all your questions answered.

All materials are included and no previous experience is required.

electrical art challenge - 25th May

Come and play with us experimenting with all sorts of materials and making artworks that explore, light, colour, reflection and movement using electricity generated from the sun.

This full day workshop will cover the principles of designing and making solar powered art, whether as a self-contained sculpture or incorporated into existing installations. Using themes of colour, reflection, texture, sound and movement, you will be challenged to create a work of your own using reclaimed materials and electrical components.

You will have a chance to learn about and get hands-on experience with the electrical components and circuits that go into an off grid solar energy system whilst creating a piece of art – with the the challenges of energy efficiency explored along the way.

All materials are included and no previous experience is required.

This workshop is £30