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Blue Peter kids solar art project starts!

Our solar panel artworks project with children in Heavitree has started and it’s amazing what you can make at your kitchen table!
The children are planning to take their solar panels home to charge their devices and are hoping to earn their green Blue Peter badge through the project.
Most people think of solar panels as inky blue rectangles on roof tops or fields and aren’t aware that you can actually make quite beautiful things using solar technology to generate your power!
The great thing is that solar PV isn’t as hard to work with as people might think as these brilliant young people are showing.
I’m so happy to find that some of the young people in my community want to be pioneers in this new art-form!Chloe Uden
Throughout November, the children will be meeting once a week to etch, solder, paint, glue and put together their solar panels so they can join our green energy revolution and respond in a small way to the climate emergency.
Photo Credit: Will Dolphin