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Colourful solar cells – Our supplier

We often get asked where we get our colourful solar cells! It is so rare to see them in the UK! In fact very few people have ever even seen them.

So we thought we should share with you some information from LOF Solar, the company based in Taiwan who are our suppliers and who make colourful solar cells for us.

If you do get in touch with them, please mention us!

LOF contact details

LOF Solar Corp. 2F, No. 6 Prosperity Road 2, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan (30078)


You can find them on social media too!

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LOF Solar Corp have been really professional and easy to work with, and as they have been so helpful in supporting our work, we’ve agreed to share information for them about their products and services.

The information below has been supplied by LOF.

LOF Solar Corp. company introduction

Since 2008, Lof Solar has been a world-leading inventor, developer, and manufacturer of high-efficiency color solar cells. Lof Solar is also a tribute to Professor J.J. Loferski, a solar cell pioneer, who was a great teacher and inspiration to Lof’s founder when he studied at Brown University. Each day, Lof is devoted to making the world greener, merrier, and prettier via colorful Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions.

Dr. Joseph John Loferski (1925-1997), a physicist and pioneer in the development of modern solar cells, was born in Hudson, Pennsylvania, USA. In 1953, he received a doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Loferski then went on to serve as an emeritus professor of engineering at Brown University, where his book, Methods of Improving the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells, was published in 1972. In the span of his research career, he authored 150 technical papers and 5 books focused on photovoltaic cells. What Dr. Loferski and other early solar cell researchers demonstrated was that semiconductor devices might one day produce commercially competitive, pollution-free electricity.

Our colorful products are supplied to clientele worldwide, including Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, India, and more. We export the majority of our products to overseas markets. Additionally, the lifetime of our innovative product easily surpasses 25 years- comparable to the traditional blue solar cell. LOF products have received a number of patents and certifications, including TUV, IEC 61215(design qualification and type approval) and IEC 61730 (safety qualification).

LOF is the winner of the Outstanding Photonics Product Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award. With both innovative material and patented technology, LOF has raised the bar on both aesthetics and function in the solar world.

LOF color solar cells come in a variety of colours. Here is some information from LOF about their products.

LOF Tile Red Color Solar Cell  Classic Series – the ultimate PV solution to preserve a historical tile red roof

For residential roof applications, the option is no longer limited to the cold blue or black panel. Our Latin-inspired fired-clay-like TILE RED solar cell will blend seamlessly into your roof, preserving the original aesthetics of your home and allowing it to remain warm and attractive. LOF Red Tile can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including roof tiles, brick walls, and public art installations. Successful cases: LOF Tile Red Rooftop in Venice; LOF Tile Red Rooftop in Avignon, France.

LOF forest green color solar cell classic series -green energy – literally

Our forest green solar cell can help showcase your effort to make the world a little greener. with its natural coloring, lof’s forest green cell will make your building blend beautifully into the surrounding landscape. example applications include windows, roof, shutters, and balcony railings. successful cases: germany black forest ; green solar shading at utah university


LOF True Steel Colour Solar Cell Classic Series -more than a shade of gray

Our true steel color solar cell suits the needs of the modern minimalist- the color blends seamlessly into stainless steel, concrete, metal, slate, and stone. Power your building with this smooth solar look. Successful case: Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam, Scandinavia BIPV Façade

LOF Lavender Colour Solar Cell   Classic Serie-ultraviolet rays

With its bright and lively hue, we’ve found that LOF Lavender is becoming a favorite for designers and home owners alike. A unique way to apply the LOF Lavender color solar cell is by pairing it with the ancient Chinese concept of Feng-Shui, which conveys the notion that certain colors bring positive energy into a new space. Now, you can bring this positivity into your own space with the help of our lavender solar cell. Successful case: Chungli, Taiwan

LOF Golden Brown Color Solar Cell Classic Series – get “down to earth” with sandy tones

Integrate the sandy tones of LOF’s Golden Brown color solar cell into your building’s envelope to obtain a warm and natural look. This color will coordinate beautifully with wood or slate. Successful cases: American residential solar shingle.

LOF Metallic Gold Colour Solar Cell   Marble Series -red granite – imagine marble in gold

The grains in each piece of the metallic gold solar cell are unique. Varying patterns, textures, and shadings on the cell’s surface make this sustainable material appear as beautiful red granite rather than silicon. Combine the power of solar energy with the elegance of design aesthetics. Successful case:  Austria gold solar house

LOF Emerald Green Colour Solar Cell   Marble Series -solar goes green – literally

A favorite among the marble series, LOF Emerald Green’s design is unique- as you view this product from different angles, the emerald colors change from deep green to golden green, and thus, create a stunning visual spectacular. Varying shades of golden to dark green are intertwined to create a stunning solar panel. Successful cases:  PTT Headquarter Green Global Map ; Emerald City in Seattle

LOF Stone Elegance Color Solar Cell   Marble Series -imagine natural granite- marble in grey

Let this natural granite look make an elegant statement for your building. Whether applied to the façade, skylight, or roof, your building’s exterior will be exquisitely transformed. Successful cases: World’s tallest color BIPV skyscraper-ISP bank HQ; Ex-Michelin area by Renzo Piano.

LOF Disco Pink Color Solar Cell   Marble Series -pretty in pink

LOF Disco Pink is a fun and bold color that is sure to catch the eye of all.  


LOF color BIPV

Color photovoltaics are a frequently applied element in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). BIPV are photovoltaic modules or systems which can be incorporated into the construction of a building, thus replacing conventional building materials while also providing a source of renewable energy.

LOF color solar cells have proven to be a popular choice among architects. For example, LOF cells have been an important feature in several, notable BIPV projects including Le Albere, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank HQ by Renzo Piano, London Kingsgate House by Horden Cherry Lee, and the Agricultural Sciences Building at Utah State University by HDR. Examples of residential BIPV projects include Black Forest, Germany and Austria Gold Solar House.

LOF’s double-glass BIPV panels are extremely versatile and can be applied to rooftops, façades, skylights, balconies, blinds, shutters, bris-soleil, carports, louvres, and art installations. In addition to generating power, LOF’s panels provide weather protection, heat insulation, and shading from the sun. Upon customer request, all solar modules can be customized. LOF customizations include module shape, color, laminate construction, laminate module size, module voltage, and module transparency.

Now, with the advanced techniques of color BIPV, you can transform your home or building into a space powered by solar- with style.

At LOF, we will work with you/architects and provide professional, technical consulting services and design solutions. Before installation, we will also provide a 3D graph/visual of your building or home with installed color solar cells/panels. During the early stages of the project, we also offer design consultation services. Below are some example solutions for color solar cell application and design.

Art Installation/Landscape

An astounding art installation is worth more than a thousand words. See how art can express the beauty and power of solar energy in a poetic way.

Façade – Color BIPV can be applied to both the façade of buildings and of landscapes. Advantages of this design solution include weather durability, sound insulation, shielding, thermal insulation, and resistance from external impact/forces.

There are several types of photovoltaic (PV) façades including cold, warm, and double-skin. Cold façade consist of a cavity wall structure (see LOF Emerald Green Seattle Airport Tower). Warm façades provide thermal and acoustic insulation (see World’s Tallest Color BIPV Skyscraper- ISP bank HQ). Double-skin façades are composed of the complete existing façade with an extra transparent glass envelope constructed in front of it to help regulate a building’s temperature and provide sound insulation.

Louvre – The photovoltaic (PV) louvre is semi-transparent. Thus, it can provide a source of renewable energy while still allowing you to enjoy the view and sunlight from the outdoors. Movable shading louvres are intricate and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The incident sunlight irradiance can be tailored everyday by moving the louvres based on different climate conditions and hours of the day. Thus, PV louvres offer architects a vehicle to play with shadow and light. 

Skylight – Due to their laminated glass design, LOF color BIPV products can be used for overhead installation. BIPV skylight systems can double as an energy saver and an exciting design feature by transforming the way light and shadow are captured in a space.

Rooftop – LOF can provide design solution consulting services according to the material and construction of traditional and modern houses. The use of BIPV in roofing systems can provide a direct replacement for your roof’s shingles/tiles. This BIPV solution not only saves energy but also allows your roof to retain its original coloring.

Balcony Railing – Ever thought that your balcony could become a vehicle to harness solar energy? LOF’s color BIPV can easily be integrated into your balcony’s railing to not only generate electricity, but also serve as elegant decor.

Shutter/Brise-Soleil – The shading elements are a particularly important factor in the design and construction of a building. Shading elements increase access to direct sunlight while also providing architectural benefits, such as passive shading.

Carport – Grid-tie solar systems or residential solar carport systems can produce power via color BIPV. At LOF, we provide a variety of color BIPV solutions to design solar array structural systems. Our professional team is here to assist you with the custom design of your solar carport project. Benefits include heat insulation, energy conservation, and the enhancement of your corporate identity system (CIS). 

Platform – LOF color solar panels can be installed horizontally on the parapet top or as a platform. For example, at the Shanghai World Expo’s China Pavilion, LOF color solar panels were installed 180 degrees on the top of parapet. This idea of replacing the original, aluminum plate with a color PV panel was a brilliant, ground-breaking way to integrate PV into the surrounding landscape.

Power Plant – Ground-mounted solar power plants are not limited to the standard blue or black panel. Colored solar panels are a great alternative to consider, especially as a means to showcase your company’s name or logo.