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hurray! we’re working with the solar range!

This is Ian (left) from the Fab Lab in Plymouth, who we’ve been collaborating with to explore and test ways to make our solar artworks.

And Steve (right) and electronics whizz at The Solar Range. They make intelligent programmable solar lighting, and they just happen to have an office in Exeter (where we too are based).

We’re currently pushing ourselves to learn how to use the renewable energy that we’re generating with our solar artworks to power different things….In the first instance, we want to use it to illuminate a new piece called ‘Moths to a Flame’ for the WaveLength Festival in Torbay in November.

Fortunately for us, The Solar Range have done a whole load of work figuring out how to use solar energy for illumination in their solar benches, solar street lighting, and solar display boxes.

So we’re looking forward to finding ways to collaborate with them long term.

Check out their fabulous products: