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Looking for ways to make solar cells more beautiful…

In the knowledge that in order to make works of art out of solar pv we need to test the materials – what colours can we find?  How do we cut it? How do we use it with light concentrators for most affect.

 This journey of discovery is exciting and interesting.  We are learning so much!!

On a visit to GB sol to find out how they make bespoke solar panels we found a wide array of colours and finishes.  These are not often required for normal projects, but they will be great for beautiful ones.

The Fablab in Exeter library has been fab indeed and we have been cutting solar cells  with some success – but straight lines work better than curves.

A visit to lasercutz in Honiton has lead to finding a different laser cutter: A pulsed fibre Galvo laser cutter will soon be in action cutting some curves for us.  We’ll show you our results soon.