Looking forward to 2021

To all our amazing partners, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for making 2020 such a great year in terms of Art and Energy activity, to tell you a bit more about what we have planned for 2021, and to most importantly to invite you to join in!

We finished 2020 with a successful Crowdfunder campaign, enabling us to run free Moths to a Flame (MTAF) creative activities in and around Plymouth throughout 2021.

With your help, and the support of our other fabulous partners, we’re working hard to stretch this funding to cover some seriously spectacular activities…

…plus, we’re in the process of securing further funding which will support us to take MTAF beyond the Plymouth area, inviting communities from across the UK to join us in making moths to form the mass-participation art installation in Glasgow for COP26.

And so, without further ado I introduce the next stage….

Moths to a Flame Takes Flight!

The plan is ambitious and exciting, expanding our creative activities and extending the invitation to new audiences. Our work to-date has demonstrated how important co-creation with amazing partners is in creating a rich experience with far reaching impact. We strongly believe that the route to a better world is through collaboration, sharing, and joint innovation, and we’re so excited to be working with you towards this!

If 2021 is anything like 2020 then we will need to stay on our toes, to keep our activities flexible around ever changing Covid restrictions in order to give our audience an enjoyable and meaningful (but most of all safe!) experience.

This page aims to give you, as partners, a realistic overview of the project . It includes:

  • A Risk Assessment
  • Activities Description
  • Call to Action – How can you get Involved?
  • Our Contact Details

Risk Assesment

This is a working document demonstrating that we are aware of, and working to minimise, the risks facing the overall project. We will complete separate H&S risk assessments for individual activities. We felt it was important to include here as the current Covid-situation can feel overwhelming, but we are working hard to ensure that MTAF can still deliver a valuable & safe offering.

Activities Description

MTAF in Flight

So far MTAF has focused largely on Plymouth and the SouthWest, but we feel that this project has relevancy for everyone everywhere. COP26 will be the first UN Climate Conference hosted in the UK, and so it’s important that people across our country are involved!

Here is our schedule of activity  for those of our collaborators and partners that like spreadsheets!

MTAF Schedule of activities


We are partnering with Energy, Environmental and Cultural organisations from across the nation, each of whom will commission a local artist to deliver the MTAF project in their area to their communities. This is exciting because it encourages new collaborations, ensures that the activities are relevant to each area, and will result in diverse artworks that will come together in the mass-participation art installation in Glasgow.



Watch Moths

Our popular monthly double-bill Zoom events will be returning for a second season!

You can look forward to an ecclectic mix of art, poetry, energy chat and of course moths!

Catch up with the recorded events from 2020 here!

Make Moths

Everyone is invited to create their own moths upcycled from plastic milk bottles. They can decorate them to represent their hopes for the future,  then send them to us to form the mass-participation art installation in Glasgow Botanic Gardens. In order to create an inspiring installation we’ve set a target of 20,000 moths… can you help us reach this goal?

Local partners can create their own mini moth installations in the lead up to COP, then add their creations to the flight heading to Glasgow.

Instructions for this accessible craft activity will be delivered through a short film, plus online and in-person workshops. 

Check out the illuminated moth installation we created at Cockington Court!

Record your Whisper

Did you know that a group of moths is called a whisper? Well, the physical installation of hand-crafted moths  will be accompanied by a soundscape of participant’s whispers of hope for the future. We’ve set ourselves the target of collecting 10,000… these can be recorded through the Speakpipe app on our website, through the AR colouring sheet (see below) or sent in as text which we will then read and record. 

Leaders will meet at COP26 to discus plans for a greener future, it is vital that the thoughts of the people are taken into account. As individuals our whispers go unheard, but we will bring these together to create a roar of hope!

AR Moths

Have you tried out our Augmented Reality colouring sheet yet? Download and print for free here, then use the Quiver app to bring your moth to life, record and share!

We’re working on something extremely exciting with Real Ideas Organisation as they unveil their new 360 dome… but you’ll need to wait to hear more as the project develops!!!

Read about moths

The wonderful Miranda Barlow has written and illustrated a beautiful storybook ‘The Moth’s Whisper’.  Join Marny the moth as she tries to find the moon but gets confused by mankind’s activities. A great way to engage families and younger audiences.

Moths in schools

Another ‘watch this space’ element… there are already free Moths To a Flame activity sheets to download from our website, but we’re working with partners to develop this offering further. We hope to deliver more arts activities around the themes of moths and energy.

It’s a tad cliched, but these youngsters are our future so it’s important that we involve them in the installation, recording and amplifying their hopes for the future.

Call to Action - How can you get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in the Moths to a Flame project as a participant, but we would also value your input as a partner too. Here are some suggestions, but if you have other ideas then please do let us know, we’d love to chat and find ways to work together towards a greener future.

  • Would you like to offer MTAF activities to your community, school or networks? We can support you to do this.
  • Do you have expertise in publicity such as social media and the press? We would value ways to get the word out and extend our invitation further.
  • Are you an artist, energy expert or moth’er? We’re always on the look out for engaging speakers at our WatchMoths events and to join our local partners in delivering activities.
  • Would you like to sponsor an element of Moths to a Flame? Please do get in touch!

Contact Details

If you have any questions, queries, ideas… please do get in touch.