Moths to a Flame


You may already know that COP26 is taking place this year in November in Glasgow (UN Conference on Climate Change). We feel like this is a big deal so do our friends at Plymouth Energy Community (PEC). Between us, we’ve started to help lots of people feel connected and involved.

our plan

So, in collaboration with PEC The Art and Energy Collective is planning to invite people to join us in building an artwork called ‘Moths to a Flame’ which will be installed at The Kibble Palace at Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens during the conference.

We’re currently developing and testing all the elements of this project and the formal start of the activities will be in May 2020.

Throughout 2020, thousands of participants will make a glow in the dark moth and record a message for COP26 which will form part of an immersive visual and sound experience in the palace.

The installation will be powered by solar artworks.

The piece will return to the South West for Plymouth’s Illuminate Festival.

ways to get involved with moths to a flame

We’re planning a whole lot of engagement events to give people the opportunity to join in and feel connected to this exciting event for our future. 

There are lots of ways to get involved with this project:

  • Make a moth
  • Record your message for COP26
  • Sponsor or host a moth making event
  • Support our CrowdFunder
  • Help us raise funds to build the solar panel artworks that will power the exhibition and transport and install the finished pieces

Make a moth!

We will be making thousands of moths as part of this artwork and we would love you to join in.

  • Come to one of our moth making events (Details to be added soon)
  • Get a moth making pack through CrowdFunder (This will be launched at the end of March 2020)

record your message for COP26

Our exhibition will include a sound installation with your words. The voices of thousands of people who want to be involved in the project will be played throughout the exhibition.

  • You can use the app here to record your message right now!
  • Your message can be up to one minute long.
  • Wondering what to say? Questions you may want to consider – How do you feel about climate change? What sort of future do you hope for? What do you want the decision makers at COP to do? What do you think we need? What are you already doing and what tips can you share? 

Host a moth making event

Do you have a group of people who would like to get involved with this project? If so,

  • we can provide you with a moth making box so you can have a go at making them with your group: The box includes moths for participants to decorate, pens, lights, instructions and activity sheets (cost: materials and postage) 
  • we can deliver moth making sessions at your event, with your school or other groups: We could bring our moth friendly trap, moths to decorate, and a tree to display them on, pens and paints, lights, activity sheets and a device to record people’s voices (cost: materials, time and travel)

Drop in sessions allow people to spend upwards of 5 minutes in a simple and enjoyable act of creative hope. They are suitable for small children and adults alike.

Contact us if you’re interested!


We’re looking for volunteers to join the art and energy collective and help make this project happen!

In order to make a real impact with this project, we’ll need lots of help to make it all happen.

We’re looking for:

  • Someone who likes organising events to help us set up and deliver our participation sessions
  • Someone who enjoys working with wood to help us make the solar panel artworks for the exhibition
  • People who like crafting and would be able to help us prepare our moths
  • People who like moths and are interested in moth identification
  • Someone who has an eye for beautiful design to help us get the online artwork right
  • Someone who’s interested in solar power and energy storage to help us connect our solar artworks with the moth/audio installation
  • Someone who understands sound installations and would be willing to work with us to get our voices heard
  • People who can help us tell the story of the participants involved in this project and make a noise so that COP26 delegates know about the project

Our collective is based in Plymouth and Exeter, so ideally you would be based nearby.

Are you one of these people? If so, please do get in touch with us! (Ideally as soon as possible!)


we’re looking for support

We need to raise around £30k over the next few months to make the project happen.

This will pay for:

  • Materials to build the installation of moths
  • Materials to build the solar artworks and the storage units
  • Kit to make the sound installation work
  • Exhibition costs in Glasgow and at Illuminate Festival in Plymouth
  • Workshops in schools and other community events

We’re very grateful to LaserCutz who have given their time to cut the moths.

Exeter Community Energy are backing us to build one of the solar artworks with a group of volunteers who’d like to be involved with the project.

So we’re looking for sponsors, and launching a crowdfunder at the end of March to help make the project happen.