Moth team


Chloe Uden

Chloe is the founder of The Art and Energy Collective. She makes work that explores the place where art and renewable energy meet through visual, participatory and often co-created artworks. Questions at the heart of her practice are “How can creativity help us connect with energy more deeply? What do we have the energy for? How do we give each-other power? How shall we live in this world? 

Naomi Wright

As a child I remember lying on the ground under trees, the flickering warmth of the sun, glowing chlorophyll green, insects buzzing, smelling the earth. Since then I have been drawn to this peace.  The flow of energy from the sun to all living things creating our interdependence. 

As artist and ecologist, I make visual or performative art that is about nature, renewable energy and climate change. Energy conceptually underpins my work, as does Social Sculpture. We all create, use energy and have impact on our place, our community. 

I often co-create with fellow collaborating artists and scientists, communities, children and specifically vulnerable people.

Jenny Ayrton with moth solar artwork created at Penryn 2019

Jenny Ayrton

Jenny Ayrton specialised in casting, etching and engraving glass until she met Art & Energy. She now aspires to be a maverick creator of crazy artworks! Jenny loves a hands on creative challenge, working with reclaimed materials and finding unusual solutions. She’s excited about sharing the magic of solar, whilst also communicating the nuts and bolts behind it.

Ali Pym

Ali Pym is an artist, producer and educator working with digital film, animation and light installation to explore notions of interactivity in spaces and places. With an interest in developing sustainable creative practices, Ali is excited to be joining the Art & Energy collective to create audio visual content for their current project, Moths to a Flame.

Ian Hankey

Ian is a master glass craftsman and also a fab lab technician with expertise in 3D design and printing. His work explores the meeting point between craft and new technologies. He has a vision that places crafting and creativity at the heart of people’s wellbeing helping people connect more with themselves, their communities and the world they live in.

Lauren Sawyer

Lauren started working with us in the summer of 2020 to create promotional videos for some of Art and Energy’s projects. After studying journalism in Exeter, Lauren found a love for films and photography, and can mostly be found behind a camera, climbing rocks on Dartmoor, or making animations.

Miranda Barlow

Miranda is a writer and illustrator based in Exeter, She has a keen interest in and deep concern for the environment. Her books for adults and children explore ways to live in this world. Her picture book ‘The Moths Whisper’ was specially commissioned for the Moths to a Flame project and follows the journey of Marny the moth as she emerges from her pupa and discovers a very human world as she journeys in search of the moon.

You can see more about Miranda’s work here.

Matt Harvey

Matt is a poet, lyricist and columnist who performs widely and writes books for adults and children, including Beastie and the Boys with Chloe Uden. He was nominated for a P.E.A. Award for The Element in the Room – energy-inspired poems written while Poet-in-Residence with RegenSW. He writes musicals with Thomas Hewitt Jones.


Clare Mains – Plymouth energy community 

I’m a project manager with Plymouth Energy Community and work with the award winning Energy Team, that have provided free support to over 18,000 residents with energy issues. I’ve always used creative arts to talk about the things that are important to people and so I’m thrilled PEC is part of the Art and Energy Collective. I have a huge love of nature and I’m a gardener at heart so this combines my passions. My daughter Marnie is joining me too, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with Moths to a Flame exploring nature, the climate and her thoughts on it all.   

Cat Ansell – Plymouth Energy Community

I’m the communications officer at Plymouth Energy Community, which is great as I enjoy communicating environmental issues to try and inspire positive change. Working on the Moths to a Flame project allows me to do so in a more creative and artistic way. It’s an awesome project that I am proud to be a part of!

Katie Shanks – Renewable energy researcher

I am a researcher at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall campus developing state of the art solar energy technology. My expertise, and input to the Art and Energy Collective, is in solar cells and optics. This includes standardised testing of the Art and Energy solar panel artwork prototypes, as well as other specialised equipment for their manufacturing and development. My overarching interest, which is why I find Art and Energy so inspiring, is in further integrating renewable energy into our daily lives and bringing together different disciplines to produce a far greater impact. I want renewables to be seamlessly integrated into our lives, with aesthetically pleasing designs that people are proud to own for not just their environmental benefits but their look, their statement, and their demonstration of the amazing accumulation of effort from various experts (science, art, companies and communities) towards the global fight towards a sustainable future.

Dave and Jo Neal – lasercutz

Dave and Jo moved to Devon from London in 2013 – Dave started Lasercutz in 2009 following many years working in a national museum.  “Our plan was and is to serve the creative community with a professional and affordable laser cutting service.   We both love nature and living in an area brimming with so much wildlife.  It’s great being part of the Art and Energy Collective and look forward to seeing many more projects come to fruition”.   

Nischay Gupta – QuiverVision

Nischay Gupta handles the Global operations at QuiverVision, the worlds leading augmented reality colouring company.

At QuiverVision we use our proprietary technology to bridge traditional colouring with cutting edge technology so that it encourages the use of one’s imagination and creativity. When a user sees their own colouring page “come to life” it evokes a positive emotion of excitement and satisfaction – “wow, look what I’ve created!” – and bringing joy to others is something that never gets old!

We are super excited to be a part of COP26 as we still feel there’s a long way to go with encouraging climate change awareness in our community

Amy Macleod – Moth-er

I’m an amateur moth enthusiast and general wildlife lover. I started trapping a couple of years ago with a homemade device, after being beguiled by a pre-Raphaelite painting that features a Death’s-head Hawk-moth. I am lucky enough to know some local experts in the field so it looks like I know what I’m doing.