Moth events

This beautiful moth is very rare and was found is Exwick last month by Adrian Colston who is a member of the Devon Moth Group

watch moths with us!

Between June and October 2020 Art and Energy ran a series of monthly double-bill events via Zoom. ‘Watch Moths’ was an opportunity to explore and understand the world of moths in Devon a little better, and to think about how they, just like humans, are attracted to a glow and a twinkle. We also talked to artists who are inspired by moths, our friends at Plymouth Energy Community for energy saving tips, and introduced a range of creative activities from painting with oak gall ink to AR colouring sheets and poetry.

Each Watch Moths event was comprised of an hour in the evening as the light started to dim, and an hour in the morning to reveal what we found.

We hope to run similar events in 2021 subject to funding. Support Moths to a Flame through our Crowdfunder : 

In the meantime you can catch-up with the sessions so far through the links below.

Upcoming events

Poetry slam – moths to a flame 

Date TBC (Spring 2021)

Matt Harvey presents Moths to a Flame with Art and Energy – A buzzy, fluttery, surprisingly jittery poetry slam and you choose who wins!
This year’s poetry competition will be around the theme of ‘Moths, and/or Energy’. 
Tickets are £5 each

Past events

Watch moths (to a flame!) – National Insect Week 

Friday 26th at 8pm  and Saturday 27th June at 8am  

As part of National Insect Week we start our series with four moth explorers across Devon.  We will also be introducing you to our Moths to a Flame project.   This month our Moth-ers include Simon Bates from Exeter, John Walters near Dartmoor, Amy Walkden in Torbay and Art and Energy’s Chloe Uden and family in Exeter. Other moth-er visitors will help us identify and get to know the moths we see.  This event is free, unless you want to make a donation.  Watch a recording here

watch moths – poetry and augmented reality

Friday 24th July at 8pm and Saturday 25th July at 8am  

Art and Energy collective member and poet of international acclaim, Matt Harvey, wrote us a beautiful poem for Moths to a Flame. He will read this tonight!!  We will also show you our new Quiver Vision flying colour-in Emperor moth. Followed by our 4 moth experts across Devon who will be setting up in the evening and revealing their moths in the morning.  This month our Moth-ers include Simon Bates and Will Scott near a park in Exeter with the Devon Wildlife Trust, Amy Walkden and Barry Hendon from the Devon Moth GroupJohn Walters near Dartmoor. Watch the recorded Evening and Morning sessions here

This came into Chloe's bathroom, found by Hector
Syd a Red Underwing, illustrated by Miranda Barlow

watch moths – the moths whisper

Friday 21st August at 8pm and Saturday 22nd August at 8am  

In the evening, in addition to all the fantastic moths we might find, we are also going to launch our book ‘The Moths Whisper’ by collective member Miranda Barlow.  She will read her amazing nature story book about a Yellow Underwing called Marny.  

We will also meet artist Sarah Gillespie and poet Thom Boulton.

There will be more experts (some from the Devon Moth Group), across Devon to show us how they set up to identify moths on the wing. In the Morning a great reveal – even possibly a moth called Marny!  Book here (donation tickets available now, free tickets released 9th August)

Watch the PM episode and AM episode here.

Mezzotint by Sarah Gillespie

watch moths – activities at Plymouth Art weekender

Friday 25th September at 8pm and Saturday 26th September at 8am  

This evening’s event coincides with Plymouth’s Art Weekender at which we gave away Activity packs subsidised by the National Lottery, Arts Council and Plymouth Energy Community.  We have specialists in Plymouth and across Devon to show us how they set up their moth catchers and see what they find in the morning. Come along and help us install a whisper of glowing moths in Plymouth from 25th to 27th September.

Watch the PM episode and AM episode here.

Plymouth Art Weekender 2020. 25th-27th September
Moths do appear even on rainy nights (c) Chris Hanley.

watch moths – preparing for COP26 

Friday 23rd October at 8pm and Saturday 24th October at 8am  

We talk about the next stage of the project and how you can get involved.  Add your whisper of hope to the mass participation art installation heading to Glasgow for COP26! 

Thinking about our journey up country, we invite moth’ers from across the UK to join us and compare the moths in their traps. As the weather gets chillier we anticipate fewer visitors to the traps, but with our changing climate who knows!!!

Watch the PM episode and AM episode here.