Your whisper

Record your whisper for COP26

An important part of our Mass Participation Art Installation at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow for COP26 will be the audio experience.

World leaders will meet in Glasgow in November 2021 to discuss the United Nations response to the climate emergency. We want to let them know that what they do is important to us.

We invite you to share your message with your hopes for the future using our SpeakPipe app. (To the right of your screen)

What is your hope for the future?

You will have up to a minute to record your message, and we will edit all the messages together to create a soundscape for the exhibition.

how to record your digital whisper

You can record your message from your device

  • Click on the blue link at the right of your screen
  • Press record and then tell us what your hope is for the future (you have up to one minute)
  • Listen back (if you want!)
  • Add your name and email address
  • Press ‘Send’
  • Share with friends, family, neighbours etc… the more voices of hope we can include the louder the call for change!