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from September 2014


Chloe Uden







Project Description

A blog exploring our energy generation through the arts. was developed with Regen to understand how artists all around the world are involved in our energy generation. The project was initially intended as a resource for community energy groups who were interested in how they could work with artists to increase and improve public engagement around energy through creative projects.

If you want to know about art and energy, this is the most comprehensive collection of projects, ideas, resources and opportunities that you are likely to find anywhere!

Creative practitioners have a key role in enabling people to engage with the complex and challenging implications of climate change and clean energy. Artists have played an important role in every cultural change, helping to draw us in, focusing our attention, inviting us to spend time with new ideas and allowing us to respond both meaningfully, constructively and creatively.

The clean energy transformation needs creative practitioners to be engaged and to develop an aesthetic response to engage, question, challenge, comfort, encourage, stimulate audiences and help create the change in the world that we want and need.

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