Our work

we make solar artworks

Our artworks are crafted to:

  • push the aesthetic versatility of silicon solar cells
  • explore the cultural dimensions of energy systems
  • stimulate thought and conversation
  • bring clean energy to special places


we run workshops

Make your own solar art.

We’ve learnt how to use solar photovoltaic technology to make artworks that generate electricity and we want to share our knowledge.

There are a variety of techniques that we can teach you to help you design and make your own solar panel artworks. 


we explore potential

We are re-imagining solar technology as an art material for the future.

To do this, we explore and test different ways of working with the materials and technology. 

We approach energy generation creatively and this opens up doors of possibility that aren’t usually considered.


we support your projects

We can help you develop your own art and energy activities. We have experience of introducing a wide range of creatives to energy systems and developing projects like; books of poetry, a community musical, energy walks, podcasts, competitions, creative consultations and more.