Unveiling and touring

In March 2019, we unveil our first solar panel artworks during MikroFest at Kaleider Studios in Exeter.

Our first solar panel artworks  are only 60x60cm  and they showcase a great deal of our learning about our materials.

Each artwork has been designed to be displayed indoors and in sunlight they will generate enough energy to power a device like a phone or laptop.

After the unveiling event, these early pieces will be shown at various places around the UK during 2019.

We now have the capabilities to design and fabricate larger scale works for an outdoor environment and are looking for the right place for the first  installations.


Tour dates:

Keep an eye out here for details of when our solar artworks might be visiting somewhere near you!

Future dates:

Past dates:

If you are interested in hosting an exhibition of solar artworks and a talk, then please get in touch.

We are interested in commissions

Our solar panel artworks can be crafted to suit your needs indoors or outside. The pieces can be small, or they can be scaled depending on the context.  Our panels have the ability to charge your devices, or battery packs and link into a larger systems. 

We can imagine:

  • glittering sculptures that sing to you
  • murals powering street-lighting, fields of sunbathing creatures powering a science park
  • waypoint markers that interpret sites and tell stories
  • flowering carports powering vehicles
  • and much more


we hope to…

  • Give people new ways to engage with energy imaginatively
  • Generate clean energy with art
  • Open the doors of imagination
  • Increase acceptance of energy generation installations in special places