What we provide

To art institutions, businesses and community groups

Art and Energy deliver a range of workshops and training sessions to help people think about energy differently and connect with the energy revolution we are experiencing.

The training is rooted in our 15 years of experience working in the art and energy sectors.

Please get in touch to:

  • Work with us to develop a new art and energy activity
  • Get a price for delivering one of our existing activities with your group


Ultimately, we want to empower people around the world to shape solar PV installations that more closely reflect their unique localities.

As a result of our training, we are building:

  • Increasing numbers of creative people who are able to produce art and energy products
  • Greater awareness of the aesthetic versatility of solar PV
  • Ever growing numbers of art and energy works

Each workshop takes us and you a step closer to the goal of demonstrating and establishing solar PV technology as an art material of the future.

current activities:

whistlestop tour of the world

There are a number of artists making art with and about energy all across the world.

Hear about some of the incredible art and energy projects that are out there and see examples of artworks that change the face of renewables; challenge existing norms; engage people in unexpected ways; bring people together; vision a new future or reveal the unexpected.

walk the walk

Energy is all around us, and our environments are rich with our industrial history, but quite often we don’t even notice it. 

Our energy walks help people experience, explore and understand energy in their locality.

pretty useful - solar PV art

You know what solar panels look like right? Well, think again. The inky rectangle we are all used to is about to be disrupted.

Solar panels can be different colours, different shapes, incorporate flowing lines, and be combined with other materials

During this workshop, you can learn what’s possible and start to design your own solar PV artworks.

make your own solar charger

This full day workshop goes back to basics, ready to take you from zero to hand-made solar panel charger in a flash .

Walk away at the end of the day with a fully operational solar panel built from scratch – ready to charge your phone – and all your questions answered.

electrical art challenges

We generate energy and we use energy! Sometimes it can be hard to understand what the right balance is.

In this workshop we explore how much energy an artwork designed by you might use, and how you might use solar power and batteries to get it working.