make a solar charger 

During this 1 day workshop, you will learn the basics of how solar energy works and you will make your own solar charger that you can take home to charger your devices.

No experience is necessary.

You will:

  • use solar cells that have been discarded
  • tab solder and connect the electrics
  • seal your work with glue in a frame

This workshop takes 6 hours (including breaks)

We can run workshops for private groups of up to 10 people. We have worked with people from the age of 7 up.
Contact us if you would like to host a workshop

make a solar artwork

During this intense weekend workshop, we will help you build one of our beautiful solar artwork designs. 

No experience is necessary.

You will:

  •  use cut solar cells of different colours
  • etch and engrave glass
  • paint glass
  • tab, solder and connect up the electrics
  • seal your work in glue and frame
The workshop takes around 14 hours over 2 days.
Contact us if you would like to host a workshop


design your own artwork

We deliver workshops for groups who want to;

  • find out about art and energy around the world more broadly
  • understand the potential for artworks that generate energy and
  • have a go at designing an energy generation artwork for a special place.

This workshop can be tailored to suit different situations and timescales and can delivered for private groups who want to think about art and energy in their community.

Contact us if you would like to host a workshop


we hope to…

  • Give people skills for the future
  • Support participants access to energy advice through our collaboration partners 
  • Empower and encourage creatives to approach energy

a selection of Workshops we've delivered

Energy and society conference

We delivered two hands-on workshops for academics from around the world who gathered at the University of Exeter to share the latest research from the energy sector. Our activities brought this group together in a new and refreshing way, stimulating unexpected conversations.

“I had no idea it was possible to work with solar PV in this way, it’s astonishing to see what artists are doing with energy.” Workshop participant


Blue Peter kids solar workshop

Local children from Heavitree in Exeter asked to get involved so that they could earn a green Blue Peter badge.  Workshops were arranged where each child made a solar artwork that was able to charge up batteries. 

The children were delighted with their badges and also with being Blue Peter’s post of the week on their website!

“I learned how to etch glass, solder solar cells together with tabbing wire and use a hot air gun…I use my charger every day and I get my parents to charge their phones with it too.” Reuben Hurley, Age 10


Pretty useful with PEC pals

We are working with Plymouth Energy Community to co-design green energy generating artworks for Plymouth. Our workshops engaged people who had never had contact with PEC before and now have access to support in dealing with fuel poverty, getting energy advice, developing local energy projects and finding camaraderie in response to the energy challenge.

This project in Plymouth is ongoing. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

“I never saw myself working with electricity before and I’m surprised how excited I feel about the possibilities of the technology” PEC workshop participant


Elemental workshop – Hydro energy

We supported TRESOC  to deliver an education programme for schools. We took  a group of school children to the hydro project in Totnes to explore the water energy and make something with found objects that responded to the water’s flow.


Lampshade making eco-reminders

We developed an eco-reminders workshop with Toni Hankinson and Kaleider. Participants shared their knowledge and experience of energy issues while learning to craft an eco-reminder that they wated to live with.