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Solar Artworks Unveiled

We unveiled our first solar panel artworks at MikroFest at Kaleider on the 15th of March.

Here is a piece by Emma Ruminski for the BBC that tells you a little bit more about them.

We are looking for places to show off these works, so if you know somewhere that we should show our works, please get in touch.

“Fantastic work! So exciting to see you bringing energy to life. I feel so inspired and can’t wait to see how this evolves!Fleur Disney, Community Energy London

“I love the way you’ve take the inner beauty of the crystals in the panels and made them the centre of the artTrevor Sharp

“This is wonderful and inspiring work – I would love to see it ‘scaled-up’ perhaps a cathedral or an enormous building…” Matt Harvey, Poet

“Stunning. Great work” Dom Jinks, Exeter Culture

“Lots of Potential in this idea!” Andy Slaney, SGS Berkeley

“Sensational exhibition for hope and beauty” Randall Wright