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Something Wonderful in My Backyard

something wonderful in my back yard




Chloe Uden 

Matt Harvey

Thomas Hewitt Jones



Exeter, Totnes




Project Description

Something Wonderful in My Back Yard – is a sparkling crowd-funded musical!

It was developed at Regen as a tool for communities to make a song and a dance about climate change and green energy.

Think of a musical and you might imagine the romance of West Side Story or the razzle dazzle of Chicago. But this new musical has a different setting and tackles a very different subject: how do a motley group of ordinary, argumentative people persuade their make-do-and-mend, muddle-through market town to embrace community food and energy schemes and become more resilient?

Writer Matt Harvey and composer Thomas Hewitt Jones are well known in their fields – and their allotments – and have previously collaborated on The Same Flame (published by Boosey & Hawkes) and the musical Rumpelstiltskin.

Matt and Thomas have been talking to people involved in community energy groups and the Transition network about to develop this heartening new story for our times.

You can download a FREE e-copy of the SWIMBY Musical songbook right here!

If you would like to hear the songs – you can listen to recordings we made here at the early material show.

Alternatively please get in touch for audio demos made in the studio.

The project is currently on hold until we find partners to develop the project with further. Is this you?

The project was supported by: NatureSave Trust, Arts Council England and The Big Lottery Fund .