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Art and Energy at Green Energy Awards – 27 Nov in Bath

Each year the UK’s sustainable energy industry gathers in Bath to share the latest developments, look to the future and celebrate the sector’s achievements.

Throughout her work with Regen, Chloe always enjoyed this special event that captured the spirit of the industry each year and brought such a brilliant and inspiring group of people together.

This year Regen have invited poet Matt Harvey, actor and director Joe Sellman-Leava and Art and Energy to bring creative perspectives to this event at a time of huge transformation around the world.

On 27 November, Renewable Futures will bring together leading innovators, investors and policy makers to debate how we turn net zero policy commitments into the scale and urgency of action needed. How can we ensure climate emergency declarations lead to public private partnerships to deliver at scale? How do we ensure our critical infrastructure, the pipes and wires, is transformed into an enabler for radical decarbonisation? And what will unlock the capital needed to pay for the transformation?

If you are interested in coming along please visit: