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Cockington Court – UV Moths

In November 2020 the Art and Energy Collective created a UV installation composed at Cockington Court in Devon. #CourtMoths was made of hundreds of hand-crafted moths cut from plastic milk bottles, and decorated with black and UV marker pens.

We began by setting two moth traps at Cockington Court in order to find out more about local moths. We also asked the local community to share their moth stories with us, and to create their own plastic moths to add to the installation. 

Check out the videos below to find out more…

The finished installation!

Instructions to make your own moths!

Art and Energy in residence at Cockington Court making moths!

This video shows us setting up two mothtraps at Cockington Court, and then returning in the morning to reveal our moth visitors… great inspiration for our milk bottle moths!

Do you have any stories or photos of moths visiting Cockington Court?
We would love to hear from you! Email us at, or pop a note through the Cockington Court front door letterbox, f.a.o Moths To A Flame.

For more info keep an eye here, on the hayloft windows and @CockingtonCourt on Facebook.

Download your copy pf the template sheet here