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Art and Energy at Plymouth Energy Community’s AGM – 20th Nov

We have been really enjoying working with Plymouth Energy Community over the past year, running workshops, making artworks and creating plans for the future. So we are so happy to have been asked to talk about where creativity meets our energy revolution at their AGM.

  • 6:30 – 8:30
  • 20th Nov
  • Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth

Addressing the climate emergency and transitioning to a zero carbon energy system requires creative, novel solutions. Art and Energy CIC work to inspire and raise hopes through projects that make energy and imagine a better future. Be inspired as artists Chloe Uden and Naomi Wright give you an insight into the power of creativity, show examples of what’s possible and help you unleash your inner artist.

Combined with an update on PEC’s innovative and dynamic work to fight fuel poverty and carbon emissions, this is guaranteed to be a fantastic evening!

Book here


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Moths to a flame

For the WaveLength Festival in Torbay from the 8-10 November, Art and Energy are collaborating with people across the region to make an illuminating artwork powered by the sun. 

Moths to a Flame will encapsulate the duality of how we harness the elements for electricity and how we are ourselves captivated by light.

We know that moths share our fascination with radiance, and we know that moths are in decline because of the power systems that we are also entrapped by.


We would love to see you at one of the events associated with this project:

Solar panel artwork making demonstrations

  • 1st to 3rd Oct 2019
  • 10am – 2pm drop in 
  • 1st Oct – 4-6pm Torbay Climate Action Group session
  • EyeView shop, Winner Street, Paignton

Come along and see how we make our unique solar panel artworks, and tell us about your experiences of moths in Torbay! These drop in sessions form part of Torbay Climate Action Group’s work exploring energy in Torbay throughout October.


Moth conversations

  • 12-4pm, 9th Oct – Drop in
  • 6-9pm, 9th Oct – Moth viewing
  • 10-2pm, 10th Oct – Drop in
  • Torre Abbey

Come along and share your moth stories and help us design our moth solar panel artwork.

We are hoping to find out about Torbay moths, especially those that live around Torre Abbey and (weather permitting) will be viewing moths on the evening of the 9th.

We are looking forward to meeting moth-ers from the bay, so please do come and share your knowledge with us as we make this piece for the WaveLength Festival.

We are grateful for support from:

  • Ian Hankey at The Fab Lab Plymouth for helping us build the frame
  • LOF Solar for supplying us with colourful solar cells
  • The Solar Range for their help with the electronics in the artwork and
  • GB-Sol for helping us laminate our solar panel artworks
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EcoFest Tavistock – We made a solar panel artwork in a day!

Following popular demand, we’ve been exploring ways that we can make solar panel artwork making accessible by lots of people in one day.

We tried out our approach to involving large (ish) numbers of participants over the course of the wonderful EcoFest in Tavistock, and throughout the day, around 75 people aged between 4 and 70 helped us in a variety of ways to make a solar panel artwork live!

The resulting artwork ‘Eyes to the Future’ is able to  charge mobile phones and we’ll be looking for an appropriate home for it later this autumn.

Participants were able to paint, glue, cut, choose, solder, tab up solar cells, build the electrical circuit and then connect everything together.

We would LOVE to do this sort of participatory demonstration again at festivals or events, so if you can think of somewhere appropriate for this sort of activity, please let us know.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, and thanks particularly to Ursula and Trudy for organising such a brilliant event!

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Dartington School of Social Entrepreneurs – Graduation day

Art and Energy is a collective of people that want to use their skills to respond to the climate emergency through art and craft. We want to open doors of hope and imagination.  

Through our work, we’ve re-imagined solar PV as an art material, we’ve made beautiful solar panel artworks for special places, and we’ve taught people new skills to help them connect with energy through craft.

Art and Energy CIC is what happens when artists decide to join the energy debate.

In our journey to make our work ‘work’, Chloe has been exploring a whole host of organisations that support the growth of social entrepreneurs.  One of which is Dartington School of Social Entrepreneurs.

DSSE has a range of programmes that help you take your idea and take the next steps in turning it into a reality.

“going along this journey with other people who are experiencing similar challenges in bringing their visions for a better future into reality is motivating, comforting and helpful. I want everyone to have the chance to live their dream…” Chloe Uden

Over the course of the year, we explored, business models, financial planning and management, legal and organisational structures, time management, action learning, stakeholder analysis, social impact strategies and a whole host of other stuff.

Each business is so different and all of them have been inspiring to see how they’ve evolved over the last 12 months.

With help from 1 to 1 coaching, as well as a mentor from Lloyds, it has been possible to evolve our plans quite fast.


Are you a creative thinking about how your work can have greater social or environmental impact?

Do you have an idea for a business that will make a difference, but don’t know where to start?

If so, then maybe you should come along to the Dartington SSE Graduation at Devonport Guildhall on Thursday the 17th October, where you’ll see 20 new start-ups from across the South West outlining how they took the plunge, and showing off their new services and products.

Chloe will be there with some of Art and Energy’s solar panel artworks.

“I really want to talk to people about their ideas for putting art and craft at the heart of how we create a better society and systems for our well-being and the health of the planet.” Chloe Uden

If you would like a free ticket to this event – Please contact Chloe

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No more tickets available for the unveiling of our first solar panels! But…….

It’s very exciting that we’ve already booked ALL the tickets for the unveiling of our first solar panel artworks at Mikro Fest in Kaleider’s Studios on Friday the 15th March.


You don’t need to miss out!

Please come along on SATURDAY 16th MARCH – 12-4pm

45 Preston Street, Exeter

Chloe and Naomi will be around all day and look forward to talking about these new pieces with anyone who’ll listen! 

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Art and Energy’s first public display of solar panel artworks at Mikro Fest in Exeter

Art and Energy CIC is an artist-led energy company reimagining solar panel technology as an art material for the future to open doors for imagination and a creative respond to the climate emergency.

You may think you know what a solar panel looks like; rows upon rows of inky rectangles, but these pioneering pieces illuminate the possibilities of a new cultural exchange with our energy infrastructure.

Art and Energy has been working with esteemed partners at The University of Exeter, LaserCutz in Honiton, The Fab Lab in Plymouth and The RSA in London to explore the aesthetic versatility of the solar photo voltaic technology and develop this new craftivist approach to generating green energy.

On display for the first time anywhere ever, Art and Energy are delighted to unveil these new artworks on:

  •  Saturday 16 March from 10am – 4pm
  • at the new Kaleider studios, 45 Preston Street, Exeter 
  • as part of Mikro Fest.

In January 2018, Chloe, Art and Energy’s founder presented the idea for solar panel artworks to Kaleider residents at one of Kaleider’s famous Lunchtime Talks and it was with feedback and guidance from the people in attendance that the idea took root.

It is with sincere gratitude to Exeter City Futures Velocities programme for nurturing the idea in those early days.

Kaleider has been busy renovating a really old three storey building in Exeter in order to fill it full of makers and making. In the process they’ve fallen in love with it, despite the bits that they can’t afford to renovate yet. And they want to mark the moment.

So on 15th and 16th March they’re opening the doors of their new home, Kaleider Studios, and putting on some art in the building and around the city. They’re calling it Mikro Fest.

It will be a modest celebration. There will be several artworks to experience in the city and around the building from our Residents, collaborators and SWCTN Immersion Fellows. They will release programme information and booking details for these nearer the time.

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The unveiling of our first solar panel artworks at Mikro Fest in Exeter

It is with huge excitement and anticipation that Chloe Uden and Naomi Wright invite you to attend the unveiling of our first solar panel artworks.

This private view will take place just before MikroFest at 3:30 – 5:00pm on Friday 15 March at the new Kaleider studios, so you will also have an opportunity to see their new space as well.

If you can’t make it on Friday the space will be open  all day on Saturday 16 March as well, so please drop in.

Although this is a free event, booking is essential as space is limited.

Over the past year we have been pioneering and testing a number of new techniques in designing and constructing artworks that generate power and we would like you to be one of the first people to see them.

We are deeply grateful to the wonderful people who have supported us in our journey to this point and would like to say a special thank you to:

  • Katie Shanks a researcher at the university of Exeter to test and fabricate our work
  • Dave and Jo Neale at LaserCutz in Honiton to find ways to manipulate the shape of cells
  • Ian Hankey a master glass craftsman at The Fab Lab in Plymouth
  • The Velocities team at Exeter City Futures to help us develop our project
  • The RSA’s Catalyst team
  • Jenny Ayrton a glass artist based in Plymouth
  • Patricia Hilto-Robinson a glass artist based in Hampshire
  • Bryn Fogden at GB Sol to develop our ideas
  • Clare Bryden for her help creating our website and ongoing advice
  • Chris Moss from Mav3rick for his ongoing support and advice
  • Joc Spencer-Mills and the rest of the Kaleider team for being relentlessly supportive of our work
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Help us win support from ECOE to run more solar panel making workshops!

Early in January Art and Energy applied to Exeter Community Energy’s community fund for money to pay for the tools and equipment we need to run solar panel making workshops for people in and around the city who want to 

  • learn new skills, 
  • have fun and 
  • have a creative hand in responding to the climate emergency through generating electricity from the sun.
We’re hoping to work with at least 100 people over the next year.

We are delighted to have been shortlisted and invited to participate in a pitching event to win your hearts and votes and hopefully the support from ECOE.

Please put this date in your diary and come along and lend us your ears!

30th January – 6:30 – 8:30pm at Stephens Scown offices in Exeter

There will be a number of other fabulous energy projects in the city that you might also be interested in!


“Recently, we have been doing a project [with art and energy] on making solar panels to help save the world. We have been making our own so we can charge our electronics at home. I am passionate about our planet…We hope you like it.” Izzy age 11

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WOW Festival on Sunday 14 October

Are you planning to go to the WOW festival in Exeter next weekend? If you are, please come and bring your friendly face and ace questions to this panel session where Art and Energy will be representing!
Looking to the Future: Women, The Environment and Equality: Our planet’s changing climate is one of our most urgent challenges. From natural disasters to food shortages, to microplastics in our food chain things aren’t looking good. At a time when our planet needs all the help it can get, we talk to a panel of women at the forefront of sustainability and environmental activism who are doing their best to save it and give us hope for the future. Speakers include Sancho’s Dress’s Kalkidan Legesse, Zero Waste Angola’s Antonia Prata and Art and Energy’s Chloe Uden!
Sunday 14th October
Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Venue: RAMM
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Art and Energy will participate in PitchFest at the Like Minds Ideas Festival

In January this year, Naomi and I started a conversation with Gos from the Velocities programme at Exeter City Futures about an idea we had for re-imagining solar pv as an art material for the future. What if solar panels could be a canvas for artists of the future? we wondered.

The thing is, that’s a really big idea, and Gos made a start on helping us turn that idea into a business that attempts to straddle the sustainable energy and art sectors. 

We’ve spend the last 9 months running workshops and holding consultations, pitching our idea in different contexts, finding delivery partners and testing the technical aspects of this challenge (which we will of course continue to do!) and we’ve learned a bit more about what the beast Art and Energy might look like, what it might do and how.

We have by no means figured it all out exactly and this is why we are grateful for all the opportunities we can find to discuss, test, learn and evolve this project.

We hope (because we dream big!) our work will change the face of green energy infrastructure in the UK and create unique and beautiful installations that we want to live with.

So, the next port of call is Pitch Fest at the IDEAS FESTIVAL at the end of this month. We look forward to welcoming questions and will keep our fingers crossed that perhaps we will find an investor who wants to partner with us to create some  eco-bling that will meet the challenge of climate change in a beautiful way.

I hope you can make it!

Tickets available here