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Cutting solar cells is tricky – but can be done!

Cutting solar cells is tricky.

They are incredibly fragile – rather like handling eggshell….but brittler.

The thing is, a solar cell doesn’t have to be square shaped in order to generate electricity. 

So, if you can cut them, then you have the reward of being able to create different shaped panels and we are looking forward to showing you some of these in the new year.

So cutting cells is a challenge. As you will know from our various forrays into this in the past, we’ve tried all sorts of methods and all sorts of cutters – But Dave and Jo at LaserCutz in Honiton have helped us to find a solution.

I hope you’ll be impressed by the results!

With help from Ian Hankey at The Fab Lab in Plymouth and his talented code writing son Jamie Kaye, we’ve designed a spectrum of different shapes all with the same area so that we can see whether or not the shape of the cut cell has any impact on the energy generated by the cell.

So, it’ll be back to the solar lab in Penryn in the next few weeks to get results from this latest set of tests.

“We love this project as it so much fun but has a very real and practical aim” Dave and Jo at LaserCutz