Unlocking Moths to a flame

Lockdown came just when our Moths to a Flame were about to fly into the lives of many communities and schools across Plymouth and South West Britain.  Like many artists and small companies we have been been presented with new challenges!  How do we keep going with a project that we are passionate about, how do we connect with people from all over to keep our project alive?  We would like to make thousands of moths, record hundreds of messages, encourage hundreds of people to think a little more about the way they use energy in their lives. How?

Covid 19 has brought all the questions our moths were articulating into sharp focus.  What is our impact on the planet, what energy do we use and when, Why are we drawn to light, What is our relationship with nature.  How does our behaviour now we are in Lock Down change the environment in which we live.  Climate Change?

Well, we are all in our homes making art in one way or another, enjoying the time for learning more about energy in all it’s forms.  We are also creating new opportunities to invite people to join us with this project from their homes.  And we are still keeping our intentions to create a huge installation of moths and their whispers about the future.

Out of adversity, and with help from friends and partners comes  a poem, a book, online workshops…  There will be more news about this next week!