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Welcoming Toni Hankinson


We are really happy to be joined by creative producer Toni Hankinson who is working with us and partners Kaleider to develop a project to explore the questions:

To what extent people can learn about energy through creativity and sharing?

Can people produce beautiful eco-reminders that they want to live with?

Through a creative lampshade making workshop, in which the images created on the lampshades illustrate the personal energy stories of each individual participant. Participants will then take their lampshades home, monuments to the learning that has occurred able to act as eco-reminders for the future.


We asked Toni to share a bit about herself;

“After completing a Fine Art degree in Lincoln I worked as a Producer for digital art festival; it opened me up to the possibilities of cross industry collaboration with a programme of incredibly engaging, interactive art work. Excited by this I continued working as a Producer for several years, working across the cultural sector on a variety of projects. I took a job with an energy company to pay some bills, and soon found myself engaged in the huge changes in the happening across the industry; 3 years later I was working full time on the companies renewable energy scheme. I was passionate about energy but, missing my creative work, I embarked upon a Masters degree in Creative Producing. Through this I found a way to combine my creative skill set with my passion for energy and sustainability.”


 Can you tell us about your course at The University of the West of England?

Well, It’s delivered in collaboration with Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, the Creative Producing Masters degree and has a unique focus on becoming a producer, specialising in the growing market for creative experimental technology innovation.